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Primary Care Services

Say goodbye to crowded waiting rooms and long commutes. In-home primary care brings the doctor’s office to you! Experience personalized medical care in the comfort and safety of your own home. Perfect for those with chronic conditions or limited mobility, our expert team is here to make your healthcare journey as convenient and stress-free as possible.


What is Home-Based Primary Care?

Home-based primary care offers specialized medical services like physical exams, medication management, and wound care in the comfort of patients’ homes. This type of care is designed for patients who have difficulty traveling to a traditional doctor’s office due to limited mobility, chronic illness, or other factors. This approach to healthcare allows for a more personalized and patient-centered approach, improving patient outcomes and overall quality of life.

Caring for You at Home

Our In-Home Primary Care Team

Our primary care providers deliver a wide range of medical services ensuring your well-being and convenience. We understand the importance of continuity and personalized attention, which is why our providers take the time to develop strong relationships with our patients, fostering trust and open communication.

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Our in-home primary care physicians offer personalized medical care with a compassionate approach. They bring expertise, attentive listening, and a holistic perspective to ensure comprehensive and quality medical attention in the comfort of your home.

Intake Coordinators

Our intake coordinators are the caring first point of contact, guiding you through the process of initiating in-home primary care services. With empathy and efficiency, they gather essential information, listen to your needs, and ensure a smooth transition.

Care Coordinator

Our in-home primary care coordinators provide medication support, schedule medical appointments, offer patient education, and ensure seamless communication with medical professionals and family members.

Social Workers

Our in-home primary care social workers play a vital role as empathetic allies, offering emotional support and practical assistance to you and your family during challenging times. They provide a nurturing presence, understanding your unique circumstances, and connecting you with community resources.

Registered Nurse

Our registered nurse plays a vital role in in-home primary care, providing skilled medical assistance, administering medications, monitoring health conditions, coordinating care plans, and offering valuable education and support to patients and their families.

Scheduling Coordinators

Our scheduling coordinators are meticulously organizing appointments and ensuring that you receive timely and attentive medical attention in the convenience of your home.

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Our In-Home Primary Care Providers

With a focus on personalized attention, our primary care providers deliver a wide range of medical services, from routine check-ups and preventive care to chronic disease management, ensuring your well-being and convenience. We understand the importance of continuity and personalized attention, which is why our providers take the time to develop strong relationships with our patients, fostering trust and open communication.

Accessible Care

Our In-Home Primary Care Service Areas

We believe in accessible high-quality healthcare for all, regardless of location. Our dedicated teams serve multiple communities, familiar with their unique needs, ensuring personalized and compassionate in-home primary care services. We are committed to continuing our mission of comprehensive care for those in need.


Primary Care Patient Testimonials

Discover heartwarming stories in our testimonial section. Hear from satisfied patients and families who share their experiences of compassionate care and the positive impact our services have had on their lives.

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Your professionalism, your subject knowledge, and your commitment to doing things the right way is so refreshing. I couldn’t let the day pass without giving you a short note. Thanks so much for being our healthcare professional. We have had the best experience with Ennoble Care.”

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your agency’s work. From the staff’s patience in helping in scheduling appointments to quickly processing any essentials regarding my mom. Every phone call was handled in a pleasant and supportive manner. It was obvious it wasn’t just a job to my mom’s provider but how she invested in my mom’s welfare. Simply you just need to know how wonderful our provider is. Her soft caring voice and engaging demeanor always put my mom at ease.”

My parents moved into the Memory Care section of an Assisted Living Facility after leaving their home of 55 years. Dad declined from having dementia and after a bout with pneumonia this summer, returned to their AL Facility with the FABULOUS care of ENNOBLE! We as a family are so very grateful for the top-quality care given to our Dad! The staff is simply AMAZING and we are so impressed with their care and compassion.”

Home Comfort, Expert Care

Benefits of Primary Care at Home

  • Personalized attention and tailored care
  • Convenient and comfortable, eliminating the need for travel
  • Continuity of care and long-term patient-provider relationships
  • Enhanced communication and patient-centered approach
  • Comprehensive services for holistic healthcare
  • Improved quality of life, independence, and emotional well-being

Primary Home Care FAQs

Our FAQs can address any questions you may have about our in-home primary care services. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare journey.

Am I eligible for in-home primary care?

At Ennoble Care, we provide in-home primary care services to patients who have difficulty traveling to a doctor’s office or who prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. Our services are available to patients of all ages who have chronic conditions, disabilities, or mobility issues that make it difficult to receive care in a traditional setting. Contact us today to learn more about our eligibility criteria and to schedule an appointment.

Does insurance cover in-home primary care?

Ennoble Care accepts Medicare and most commercial insurances. As part of our patient enrollment, our awesome intake team will review your insurance policy and confirm whether Ennoble Care accepts your policy. Contact us today to begin patient enrollment and to schedule an appointment.

What should I expect during an in-home primary care visit?

Our physicians and nurse practitioners approach each patient with the unique care that they deserve. Through regular home visits and a proactive approach to coordination of care, we can monitor and maintain the health and well-being of our patients, keeping them healthy at home.

What primary care services does Ennoble Care offer?

We offer a wide range of complementary programs as part of our primary care services, including chronic care management (CCM), remote patient monitoring (RPM), behavioral health support (BHI), and more.

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